The Knowledge Effect

The Knowledge Effect is a community coalition working to bring awareness and educate the issues surrounding substance abuse in Lafayette Parish. Since 2007, our aim has been to spark community-level change by addressing factors in our environment that increase the risk of substance abuse.

The truth is, substance abuse in our community is a serious public health issue that affects us all, regardless of age, gender or social status. Often, people feel they are protected from such things due to where they live or go to school, but the reality is that couldn’t be further from the truth.

At The Knowledge Effect, we strive to educate our community about the dangers of substance abuse, as well as, promote strategies for prevention and where to get help if needed. As advocates for change, we hope to protect our youth by improving their environment and equipping them with the knowledge to make better decisions. In the end, it is about joining together to improve our quality of life.


The Knowledge Effect

The Drug-Free Communities Support Program (DFC) is a Federal grant program that funds community-based coalitions.  The DFC Program has funded more than 2,000 coalitions across the country.

The Knowledge Effect is one of 8 other coalitions in Louisiana that have joined together to develop an association throughout the state:

The following infographics depict the philosophy behind the DFC Program which is that local  drug problems require local solutions. This is accomplished through the collaborative efforts of private, public and non-profit agencies that use seven strategies to create community-level change.

Additionally, the DFC Program has funded more than 2,000 coalitions across the country and as of 2015, there are 697 DFC funded coalitions in the United States.

The Knowledge Effect
The Knowledge Effect

VISION At The Knowledge Effect our vision is simple – to create a safe and healthy community.

The Knowledge Effect

MISSION Using this as a guide, our mission is to educate the community on the consequences of substance use and abuse; promote public policies that mitigate risk factors, and organize events and training to bring awareness to substance use issues.

The Knowledge Effect

DFC GOAL ONE One of our primary goals at The Knowledge Effect is to establish and strengthen collaboration between public, private and non-profit agencies in order to develop a network of agencies working together to prevent substance abuse in our community.

The Knowledge Effect

DFC GOAL TWO We strive to reduce substance abuse among youth and adults– by reducing the consumption of alcohol among youth below the minimum legal drinking age, decreasing youth impaired driving incidents, and by reducing the availability of both synthetic marijuana and prescription drugs.

The Knowledge Effect

As a Drug-Free Community our primary purpose is to strengthen collaboration among community entities and reduce substance use among youth. At The Knowledge Effect we prioritized our focus on three of the most widely abused substances in Lafayette Parish. Take a moment to review our stance on alcohol, synthetic marijuana and prescription drugs.

Alcohol Use
Synthetic Marijuana Use
Prescription Drug Use
The Knowledge Effect

Youth substance use is a serious local problem that could implicate our community if not addressed. The Knowledge Effect strives to mitigate youth substance use by first understanding what the local data is saying and then mobilize our community to make a change.

The Knowledge Effect
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The Knowledge Effect

At The Knowledge Effect we are always seeking partnerships in the fight against substance abuse. If you are interested in attending a coalition meeting, joining our email list, looking to get involved in an event or simply in finding out more, please complete the following inquiry form. Thank you for your interest in what we do!